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Why Does the Fire Department Need Access to Your Gate?

The gate accessing your property was probably put in to protect your home and privacy but it is also the access to your home in the event of an emergency. For those that are new to our community it is important that you know we do not just respond to fires but are also your emergency medical service (ambulance). Not having a method to access your gate in an emergency puts you and your family at greater risk by delaying our response. It is for this reason that Durango Fire Protection District requires that you use one of the systems (padlock, key switch, or key box) from www.knoxbox.com.

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Knox on keypad
Knox on gate controller
Knox box

In years past the fire service had the keys or the code to your gate. The number of these keys and codes has increased phenomenally over the last ten years. In addition, many of you used a code that is known to criminals across the country. I won’t tell you what it is in case there is a crook who doesn’t know it yet but as a result, we ask that you purchase a Knox box, Knox padlock or Knox key switch for your gate. When you access the website shown above, put in your zip code and you will be prompted to select the Fire District that serves your home or business. Once you complete the order, we will be informed that the device has been ordered. Once you receive, please contact us (970-382-6000) for location and testing of the device.
La Plata County Fire Code: Section 503.7
City of Durango Fire Code: Section 503.6