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As the Community Education Coordinator for Durango Fire & Rescue, my job is to provide resources, education, and training, to all ages, within our communities in order to prevent injury and loss from fire and medical. This section of the website is dedicated to this cause. I have worked to organize material for all ages and needs. Please contact me with any suggestion for adding information, resources - books, pamphlets, media - audio and video and or ideas for improvement.

My job is to serve this community and provide you, your family, your place of employment, etc. with the tools you need to be safe.

Scot Davis, MA
Community Education Coordinator
Durango Fire Protection District
104 Shepperd Dr.
Durango, CO 81303

DFPD - Causes of Fires 2009 - Total 138

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DFPD - Causes of Fires 2013 - Total 114

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Fire risk to children in 2010

  • In 2010, the relative risk of children under age 15 dying in a fire was 50 percent lower than the general population. However, when dividing the young into subgroups, 57 percent of all child fire deaths occurred to those 4 or younger.
  • When dividing the young into subgroups, fire injuries were highest in the 4 or younger age group, declined in the middle years, but rose again in the 10 to 14 age group. This is a different pattern than deaths, which decreased as children aged.
  • Overall, boys were at a higher risk of death from fire than girls.
  • African-American children age 4 or younger were at an increased risk of death from fire.