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When is a Fire Code Plan Review Required?

  • New structure
  • Addition to Existing Structure
  • Remodel involving a change in occupancy type and/or increase in occupant load as determined by the International Building Code
  • Remodel involving a change in the “Means of Egress”
  • Special Events requiring evaluation of the means of egress or fire department access
  • Change in fire department access
*This does not pertain to single family residences

City of Durango
Per the agreement between the City of Durango and Durango Fire Protection District all building plan submittals made to the City of Durango requiring Durango Fire Protection District review will be required to include proof of submittal of plans and/or proof of Fire Impact Fee payment to the Durango Fire Protection District prior to submitting the building permit application to the City.

La Plata County
Per the La Plata County adopted 2003 International Fire Code; following submittal of the construction drawings and application for building permit to the LPC Building Department, an exact copy of all construction documents and corresponding application materials must be delivered to the Fire District within 48 hours.

Step1: Submittal to Durango Fire Protection District at 104 Sheppard
  • Application and Fee – (see tab(s) above) – includes all inspections
  • Documents per the application – (see tab(s) above)
  • You will be provided a letter stating that the Fire District has received plans and/or impact fees if the project is located within the City of Durango.
  • If the project is located in the County but within DFPD boundaries and in an area requiring payment of a fire impact fee, a letter stating that the impact fee has been paid will be provided upon payment

Step 2: Review of Submittal
  • Review of the submittal begins upon Fire District receipt of all documents including fee
  • The review will be completed within 14 days of receipt
  • If no corrections are required the drawings will be stamped and returned
  • If significant corrections are required the submittal shall be corrected and resubmitted

Step 3: Inspections of the construction project
  • Minimum 48 hour notice is required for all inspections
  • No Inspections will be performed until the drawings are returned

*Although submittals may be turned in to the Fire Prevention Bureau located at 104 Sheppard Drive, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), the members of the Fire Prevention Bureau perform field work and may not be in the office every day. We ensure, barring an emergency, that someone will be present in the office Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Noon to 4:30 p.m. or by appointment to assist you.