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Welcome to Durango Fire Protection District’s - Life Safety Plan Review

Life Safety System(s) Submital Process

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Step 1: Submittal to Durango Fire Protection District at 104 Sheppard

  • Application and Fee – (see tab(s) above)
  • Documents per the application – (see tab(s) above)

Step 2: Review of Submittal

  • Review of the submittal begins upon Fire District receipt of all documents including fee
  • The review will be completed within 21 days of receipt
  • If there are no corrections required a permit will be issued
  • If significant corrections are required the submittal shall be corrected and resubmitted

Step 3: Inspections associated with the permit

  • Minimum 48 hour notice is required for all inspections
  • No Inspections will be performed until the permit is issued

If a contractor or sub-contractor would like to perform work prior to permit issuance, a request shall be submitted to the Fire District. If allowed by the Fire District a letter from the Fire District stating that the work is being done at the contractor’s risk shall be posted on the job-site.

~Submittals may be turned in to the Fire Prevention Bureau located at 104 Sheppard in Durango, Monday through Friday excluding holidays~